the high tides of the Emerald Coast.

For a breath of fresh air, come spring and fall, admire the incomparable spectacle of the high tides of the Emerald Coast.

Twice a day, every six hours, the sea is moved by a force where the sun and moon rule the spectacle; the beach and the rocks of the Brittany coast are covered and discovered.
The tides are daily but they always have something exceptional!

Thanks to the tidal coefficient, professionals and amateurs can get an idea of ​​the importance of the tide and not have a bad surprise when the sea rises. This "scale" is between 20 (lowest water dead) and 120 (high water equinox). From coefficient 95, it is big tides.

The biggest tides in Europe

On the Emerald Coast, the configuration of the coasts has a great influence on the importance of the tides. If the Bay of Saint-Malo can boast of being the theater of the biggest tides in Europe, this is due to its geographical location.

When the Atlantic Ocean, huge mass of water, rushes into the neck that is the Channel, the wave of the sea then arrives very quickly and very strong.

The tidal range - the difference between the high seas and the low seas - is on average more than 12 meters around the Corsair City. An exceptional phenomenon when we know that in the Landes region, the tidal range is 5 m and that the world average is 2 m!